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JB Vacuum Pump - Complete Teardown and Maintenance

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 28th 2020

In this video, I demonstrate how to perform a complete teardown of a JB Eliminator series 2 stage vacuum pump. ***CAUTION*** Performing the actions in this video will most likely void any warrant … read more

Proper use and effects of pressure in stabilizing

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 15th 2020

Ever been told pressure doesn't work for stabilizing? That's false, however it must be used properly to be effective. In this video I attempt to explain why and how it works to improve your stabilizin … read more
Free Game Patterns

Free Game Patterns

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Mar 23rd 2020

Isolation, the word of the month. With the kids home, social distancing and isolation being the heavy topics lately, we're offering a couple simple game patterns. Hopefully you find some creative use … read more

Vacuum Pump Maintenance

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

OperationOperation of a vacuum pump would seem to be straight forward, but there‚Äôs a little more to it than just connecting the hoses and turning it on. Be sure to read the manufacturer supplied own … read more

Vacuum Chambers - Notes and Thoughts

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

Vacuum chambers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Not all vacuum chambers are created equal, and neither are the resins intended for use in them. A suitable vacuum chamber s … read more