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Vacuum Pumps - Notes and Thoughts

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

Vacuum pumps are a big part of stabilization, but how do we pick the right one? When reviewing vacuum pumps, there are so many options, types and a range of technical specifications. If you’ve ne … read more

Cure Ovens

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

Convection ovensMerriam Webster defines “nonflammable” as not easily ignited and not burning rapidly if ignited. Most every heat cure resin you come across will be technically nonflammable. We place … read more

Drying Wood - Basics for Stabilization

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

Drying WoodDuring wood can be one of the most critical and sometimes most difficult of the steps that we must take to prepare the wood for use in our projects. Since there are so many things to cons … read more

Casting - Basics

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Aug 16th 2019

CastingWith a reliable gram scale, measure out A&B. Then add pigments & dyes to A side. Once you get the color and such just how you want it (it won't lighten much when you add B side) then … read more

What Does Stabilization Really Mean?

Posted by Ken Bandoly on Jun 26th 2019

There are a few different doctrines to which one might follow. There are some “tribal” definitions or interpreted uses of the terminology to pertain specifically to the application and intended us … read more