XE-41 Shed Life Tool Care

Shed Life

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XE-41 is a product with more uses than we know of. From Keeping tools in good working order, lubricating parts, preventing squeaky hinges to many other interesting things. I've been playing around with this stuff for a while, making sure I was ready to put my name on it... but here's a few other interesting ways I've used it... I ended up getting a bit on my tool belt by accident. It softened the leather. It erased the lumber crayon I'd gotten on my saw top. It removes label goo and sticky tape. I even used it to get a couple of my son's Lego pieces apart. It worked like a dream on the flat tip shovel when I had to get rid of some ice and snow from the driveway. It also helped on the drill press. The possibilities are almost endless... Be sure and let us know what uses and Life Hacks you find with it. One thing to watch out for, it can remove some paint. Although it is not a paint stripper or thinner, It will help remove some paint or nail polish from places it's not supposed to be, so that might not be a bad thing after all. If you're worried about the painted finish on your tools, I'd suggest testing a small spot on the back of the tool. If you're spraying a rag and using that to wipe the exposed metal surfaces though, you shouldn't have any problems with over spray like that pressurized stuff in a blue can with a straw. Many tools use a durable paint that won't be affected or a powder coating that won't have any issues from contact with XE-41.